Avenue is a leader in the design and manufacture of high-precision plastic injection moulds for the world’s top medical device and pharmaceutical companies. Our specialty lies in single to high-cavitation moulds for low to high volume disposable healthcare products. For over 30 years, we have focused on the unique application and operational requirements of each program, and have a proven track record in delivering robust moulds that deliver:

  • Ultra precision and repeatability
  • Smallest achievable footprint
  • Fastest possible cycle time
  • Cpks of up to 1.66
  • Ease of maintenance

Highly-optimised moulds for a range of medical devices including:

  • Drug delivery devices – inhalers, pen type injectors
  • Airway management (tracheal, laryngeal) devices
  • Medical filtration devices
  • Syringe components
  • Needle protection devices
  • IV administration set components

Precision mould making requires not only advanced technological capabilities but also a zero-defect culture and the highest levels of design integrity. Avenue’s internal mould building capabilities ensure that customer applications will perform as designed not only at production launch, but consistently throughout the life of the program.

Avenue Mould Making Capabilities:

  • Zero-defect tooling DfX approach
  • Advanced material flow and shrinkage analysis
  • Innovative cooling circuit design
  • Intricate conformal cooling using vacuum brazing and diffusion welding techniques
  • Quick turn-around prototype support
  • Prototype-through-production
  • Single cavity bridge tooling for pre-production launch
  • High cavitation precision tooling for volume production, up to 192 cavities
  • Conventional, multi-shot, rotary/shuttle insert, gearing, and ultra-small part capability
  • Conventional and advanced, valve-gated hot runner systems
  • Cavity pressure transducer technology
  • Polishing and texturing
  • In-house tooling validation in our RJG-certified facilities
  • Mould repair and modification