Working with a range of materials such as steel, graphite, ceramics, plastics, copper, and aluminium, our ultra-precision CNC machining capabilities support contract manufacturing prototypes, single lot parts, and full production runs up to 10,000 pieces.

Our fully-automated machines with robotic loading and unloading facilitate:

  • Holding of buffer stock for hundreds of components (number depends on size of the part)
  • Highest pallet change accuracy due to “precision fixturing systems”
  • Continuous night and weekend operation
  • Tool life management utilising sister tools for the fully-automated machining of different parts

Applications include:

  • Medical devices and instrumentation
  • Analytic and process instrumentation
  • Oil and gas
  • Optics

On our Kern Pyramid Nano machine tool, which has a positional accuracy of ±0.3µm, we can achieve a surface finish of 0.05µm RA.

Why Avenue Ultra Precision Machining?

Quality – Medical Device Standard ISO 13485:2012

  • ISO 9001:2008
  • Measuring capability fully-integrated with the CAD/CAM

Lean – 7 days, 24 hours automated

  • Robotic workpiece & cutter loading and unloading

Machining Capability – 5 axis milling to ±2 micron accuracy

  • High-speed milling up to 64 HRC hardness
  • Wire – erosion up to 5 micron accuracy
  • Spark erosion, cylindrical grinding, laser marking
  • Microblasting and tribofinishing

Design Capability – Solid modelling 3D CAD/CAM systems

  • Experienced team to overcome toughest challenges
  • Design for Manufacturing (DFM) input

Materials – Steel, graphite, ceramics, plastics, copper, aluminium

Plant – Temperature-controlled, state-of-the-art facility