Since 1992, Avenue has used  Moldflow™ simulation software to optimise both component and mould design.

Avenue’s comprehensive  Moldflow™ suite includes Flow, Cool, Warp and 3D modules to effectively mitigate the risk of encountering manufacturing challenges and provide a fully optimised and cost efficient solution.

Our Moldflow™ analysis is successfully carried out using a multidisciplinary team which includes our mould designer, toolmakers, moulding engineer and  Moldflow™ analyst.

Along with 20 years of  Moldflow™ use, we continue to expand our experience and competence using a closed loop, continuous improvement approach.  Through consistent feedback from mould trials we continue to improve the quality and accuracy of our Moldflow™ analysis.

Avenue’s Moldflow™ analysis yields a number of advantages to provide robust and innovative designs:

  • Optimisation of cooling circuit layout, runner balance and gate position
  • Identifies gas traps, weld lines and core deflection
  • Minimises warpage