To further augment our mould testing capability, we have added a new moulding machine to our mould test facility – a 150 tonne all-electric press from Fanuc’s latest iα generation of machines. This machine is equipped with a 48 mm screw and barrel assembly capable of 2600 bar max injection pressure. This allows us to run high cavitation moulds with challenging product geometries and materials. The machine is also equipped with the Mouldflo™ water monitoring system to quantify and verify coolant flow rates and temperatures in all circuits within the mould at the FOT and FAT stages. This equips our customers with tangible data for reference at their production facility.

This machine has been specified with additional I/O equipment and inverter drives to facilitate servo driven mould movements, including the operation of multi cavity servo driven valve gate systems. It has already been employed in the actuation of Fanuc and Exlar supplied servo motors for core pulling and valve gate operation. Avenue has worked with our customers and motor suppliers to ensure appropriate specification of servo motors and linear drives for the optimum clean solution to in-mould sequence challenges.

A Fanuc LR Mate 200ID 6 axis robot is fitted to the press for removal and downstream manipulation of the most complex and delicate mouldings. We have invested heavily in programming know-how for this and other Fanuc 6 axis robots.